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2008 BMW M3



Service Date
Services Performed
  • Test drive for defects Brake inspect – lining remaining front ( 11 mm) rear ( 8 mm) Under hood inspection. Inspect fluids, belts, hoses. Advise customer of condition. Under vehicle inspection (Lift Inspection) Inspect for leaks, tire condition, and any potential visual problems. Shake down front end Perform and fill out Courtesy Inspection form. Technician inspected for signs of metal debris in the bottom of the oil filter housing and found a slurry of metal particles. Recommend oil analysis to verify bearing content. Over all the vehicle is in excellent condition, the main concern is the metallic particle content in the oil. The undercarriage has no damage, suspension is in good condition, other fluids are ok. The front bumper does have a lot of scrape damage to the underside. The engine recently had valve cover gaskets replaced and the repairing shop did not clean up the oil mess from the lower part of the engine. There were also some FRM Module faults stored for some lighting problems that have already been repaired.
John G. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/6/2021
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